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Seven Easy Steps to Building or Renovating

Before you sign any documents or pay any money for building work, be sure you have completed the following steps:

Complete a list of local contractors able to do the job
Refer to local press, Yellow Pages, industry associations, friends, etc.

Check the contractor has a licence card

  • A BSA licence is proof that a contractor is licensed to deal with the public and has met certain minimum requirements - ask to see the card
  • For most residential building work valued at more than $3,300 and performed by a BSA licensed contractor, BSA’s Insurance Scheme provides protection against non-completion, defective work and subsidence.

Record details from the BSA licence card
You should always write down the Name, licence number, licence class [e.g. House Building], expiry date from the licence card.

Check the contractors licence with BSA
BSA's Online Licence search is a free service that allows you to view historical and current information on licensed builders, trade contractors and building certifiers.  Use the licence search to verify the track record of your contractor or phone BSA on 1300 272 272.

Obtain quotes
Contact appropriately qualified contractors and obtain 3 written quotes for the same work.

Ask the contractor for details of past work and recent clients
Inspect previous work and ask past clients:

  • Did the contractor provide documentation clearly detailing and pricing the work to be done?
  • Did the contractor provide good customer service [e.g. polite and responsive]?
  • Did the contractor stick to the agreed costs and timing?

Once you've selected a contractor
Having completed the previous steps and selected a contractor:

  • Ask about, and obtain a copy of, any special warranties the contractor may provide.
  • Before signing anything, obtain a copy of the contract, read it, and seek legal advice on any point you don’t understand. (Alternatively, you can suggest that a BSA contract be used.  BSA Contracts can be downloaded free of charge - click here).
  • Make sure the contractor gives you a copy of a BSA-approved Contract Information Statement.
  • Remember there is a 'cooling-off' period of 5 business days during which the building owner may withdraw from the contract provided they have not received formal legal advice about the contact before entering into it.
  • Ensure all details of your agreement with the contractor are included in the contract and kept on file, including any changes made after the contract is signed (variations).
  • Monitor the work and advise the contractor verbally and in writing of any problems.
  • Never pay the full price up front. Don’t pay too much deposit, and don’t pay progress payments in advance of work progress. (See BSA Fact Sheet titled 'Deposits and Progress Payments')

The BSA Consumer Guide provides useful information on the entire building process. Copies are available from any BSA office.

This information has been prepared by the BSA. This is only a general guide - not a substitute for professional advice. Santo Correnti Homes Pty Ltd does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any information on this page, and will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of anyone's relying on this information. We recommend you obtain advice from your own financial, taxation or legal advisor before entering into financial transactions.